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Keep Your Air Conditioner Running: Tips for Cleaning Your Condenser

When the temperature goes up, so does your air conditioner usage – and your power bill. You probably can’t do anything about the weather, but you can help your AC unit run efficiently – and more economically – by keeping your condenser coil clean. Did you know a dirty condenser coil can increase the cost of cooling your home by more than 35 percent?

When should I clean my condenser?

Cleaning your condenser coil should be part of your regular HVAC system maintenance. We suggest our customers make this part of their start to summer, just like stocking up on sunscreen. It’s also something to take a look at if your power bill seems higher than normal.

How do I clean my condenser?

  1. Safety first. Shut off your air conditioning and the power to the unit.
  2. Find it. The air conditioner condenser coil makes up the outside section of your air condenser. You’ll see the coil running back and forth and making up the “walls” of the unit.
  3. Get cleaning. First, remove any large debris, like sticks, leaves, and clumps of grass, by hand. Next, take your garden hose and spray the coils from the inside of the unit out, pushing the dirt outside of the system. Work from the top down.
  4. Be smart. Be sure to use a steady but not overly strong spray pressure so you don’t damage the coils. Also avoid soaking the motor.
  5. Power back up. After you’ve finished rinsing down your unit, restore power.

When do I need professional help?

If you can’t see the coils because of a thick, dense, dusty accumulation covering the unit, you may need help to ensure the coils are cleaned without any damage to the unit. Our certified and experienced HVAC technicians at Madsen Inc. can quickly clean your overworked condenser and restore your cooling system to its former glory. Contact us today for a free estimate.