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Preparing Your Home For Winter Weather

Colder temperatures, heavy snow, and slippery ice can wreak havoc on a home – particularly one that isn’t prepared for winter weather. While you can’t change the weather forecast ahead, taking time before the worst hits to inspect, update, and protect your home from extreme elements will ensure a safer, warmer, and easier season.

  1. Clear away debris. Make sure leaves, sticks, and even kids’ toys are removed from the roof, gutters, shutters, and other exterior surfaces. This ensures areas won’t clog or overflow during rain, snow, and ice storms.
  1. Inspect your roof. Look for excessive nail pops, ripped shingles, large gaps, and other signs of wear and tear. If you cannot access your roof safely, contact a roofing contractor to do an inspection. Repair any significantly damaged areas to prevent leaks or additional damage during winter weather storms.
  1. Check the chimney. If you have a working fireplace, have a chimney sweep inspect and clean it. Also be sure to keep the damper closed when not burning. This keeps both cold air and debris out of the chimney and your home.
  1. Turn off exterior water lines. Before the first deep freeze, be sure to turn off the water access lines to exterior spigots and irrigation lines, which could freeze and then crack in low temps, causing burst pipes and significant damage. If you have underground pipes for sprinklers, be sure to drain them as well.
  1. Keep the warm air indoors. Don’t let the warm air generated from your heating system escape! Follow this checklist of ways to make sure you are keeping your heating costs low by properly insulating your home and maintaining your system before winter weather hits.
  1. Inspect your heat and hot water systems. Just like your car, your HVAC and hot water heater systems need routine maintenance and tune-ups. Schedule a check-up with a Madsen tech to make sure your systems are clean and working properly so you and your family can stay warm and safe all winter long. Contact us today.