6 Simple Steps to Wintering Your Plumbing

In these parts, Fall is a blink-and-you-miss it phenomenon, which means cold weather is just around the corner. While you try and prepare mentally for the snow, make sure your home is prepared, too. No matter what your house looks like, that will include winterizing your plumbing.

Wondering why? Frozen water – or ice – is larger is size than its liquid counterpart. So if water if a pipe freezes, it wants to expand but has nowhere to go. With no other choice, pipes burst, leaks occur, and damage is done.

Worried? Don’t be – winterizing is a simple process. A few steps will ensure your pipes are ready to handle freezing temps and won’t cause you any serious water issues. Let’s get started.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Retail tends to jump on the change of seasons a little too early for our tastes – the Back to School ads were out in June, and you’ll probably be seeing Christmas décor out any day now. But while we aren’t exactly ready for snow and Santa just yet, we do respect the idea of getting a jump start things and making sure you are prepared for changes ahead. In our world, that means encouraging our homeowners to begin making and tackling their Fall maintenance to-do list now, before the elements take over. What should you have on your list?

Bathroom Trends to Watch

Some trends in home design and décor arrive with an expiration date – think the avocado appliances of the 70s, the wild-pattered linoleum of the 80s, or the black varnished woodwork of the early 90s. But some trends – those that are based in classic style, functionality, and convenience – graduate to design staples. Keep an eye on some of these most popular requests we’ve been hearing during bathroom renovations – we have a feeling these have staying power.

Create a Backyard Oasis with an Outdoor Kitchen

While there’s nothing wrong with a standard charcoal grill and some quality burgers, there’s something exciting and appealing about an outdoor kitchen. A true focal point in your home that makes everything from family parties to the standard Wednesday night dinner easier, these spaces have been growing in popularity as homeowners look to up their entertainment value.

Electricity: Understanding & Conserving It

From the sharp blast of light that cuts through the sky during a summer storm to the gentle hum of your air conditioner when it powers on to keep you cool, there’s a lot to appreciate about electricity during the summer. Yet, we often take this awesome resource for granted. In honor of National Electricity Day today, June 15, let’s learn a little about electricity and the power it has in our daily lives.