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Fall Home Maintenance You Shouldn’t Ignore

With winter creeping up as quickly as summer passed, now is a great time to get maintenance projects out of the way. Before things get too chilly, take advantage of the fall season to complete some necessary to-dos around the house that will help keep it in great shape throughout the harsher months to come. […]

5 Small Home Office Upgrades that Can Make a Big Difference

Now that so many people have transitioned to remote and hybrid work models, it’s become apparent just how valuable a distinct home office area is to stay productive. If you’re working from home full-time or a couple of days a week, having a distraction-free space that encourages creativity and focus is a must. Here at […]

How to Keep Your Home Cool AND Efficient This Summer

During the summer, there’s always a tug-of-war between keeping your home refreshingly cool and keeping your utility bill in check. And with today’s rising energy costs, the struggle is even more real this year. But there are some ways you can help you beat the heat while putting energy efficiency to work in your favor! […]

Regular AC Maintenance: Why Your System Needs It & 6 Signs You’re Definitely Overdue

Without fail, air conditioning issues always seem to happen at the worst times — like on the hottest day of the year or right when you plan on having guests over. That’s because you can’t just turn your AC on high after a long winter or mild spring and expect it to run flawlessly. These […]

6 Outdoor Projects to Transform Your Yard into a Place You Want to Be

The backyard is probably one of the most versatile spaces of a home. It offers all kinds of additional livable square footage for entertaining or relaxing that a lot of homeowners simply don’t take advantage of. Not to mention, many improvements to your outdoor space can boost your home’s value big time.   So instead […]