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Forget Spa Days: 5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom


Your bathroom is the one room in your house you can’t go a day without. So why do we choose to ignore it?  

At Madsen Inc, we’re making bathroom talk socially acceptable by recognizing all the ways this room can totally change your everyday relationship with your home. From pampering yourself in the morning to getting the kids cleaned up before dinner, it’s time to give your bathroom a little TLC so it can start returning the favor! 


Here are 5 reasons to finally make that bathroom remodel a reality.

1. Increase the Value of Your Home — Big Time
For all you home reno TV lovers out there, get this: HGTV reports a minor bathroom remodel can yield up to 102% return at resale, while a mid-range bathroom remodel typically results in $1.71 increase in home value for every dollar spent, according to Zillow. So if you’re thinking of selling in the near future, it’s really a no-brainer. But even if you’re not, bringing your bathroom up to the 21st century and taking care of necessary plumbing repairs is a sure way to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, while enjoying all the updates for yourself in the meantime! 

But keep in mind, if this is the biggest incentive driving your bathroom remodel, make sure your decor and style choices are ones with lasting value. Not every hot trend now will pay off the same in the future.

 2. Make Your Daily Routines Easier
Everyone has different visions of the perfect bathroom. It’s possible yours was designed to the ideals of its previous owners, not yours. Or maybe your needs have changed over time. Whether your family is growing, your kids have grown up, or the in-laws are moving in, remodeling your bathroom to be more functional for you and your family can give you back time in your day — and hair on your head.

Add storage, increase the square footage, install His & Her sinks, add heating flooring; the possibilities are endless. So if you’re sick of constantly trying to make it work in your space, it’s time to make your space work for you. 

 4. Increase Energy Efficient, Enjoy More Savings
The best part about making any room in your home more energy efficient is that while you’re helping the environment, you’re also saving money. Win, win. Major advancements in technology and eco-friendly designs over the last few years have changed home systems and appliances for the better. Integrating smart thermostats, occupancy sensors, or water monitoring systems into your design can give you more control over your energy use, while energy-efficient exhaust fans, on-demand water heaters, and low-flow shower heads, faucets, and toilets all reduce the use of water, heat, and air to lower utility costs.

Here’s a helpful stat to put things into perspective: a 30-year-old toilet used 3.5 to 6 gallons of water per flush, while newer, more efficient toilets use just 1.28 gallons. That’s a difference you’ll notice immediately on your water bills.

 5. Design a Room You Love — and Loves You Back
While it may be the smallest room in the house, your bathroom is also one of the most used. So as much as we try to overlook it, investing in your bathroom can have a huge impact on how you use it — and how you feel when you do! A complete refresh can turn an outdated bathroom you only use when you have to into a relaxing escape that you can’t wait to get into!

More counter space and a designated make up area or walk-in closet can make getting ready more enjoyable, while a soaker tub, towel heater, or steam shower can transform a bathroom into a resort-like spa. Reduce stress and anxiety with calming light fixtures, make clutter disappear with smarter storage, and choose colors and textures that will help you relax. Instead of booking spa days, invest in every day.

 6. Create a Safer Space for the Whole Family
Whether you realize it or not, the bathroom can be a dangerous place! Wet, slippery floors will claim victims of any age. In fact, falls are the number one cause of accidental injuries and result in more than 20% of emergency room visits (National Floor Safety Institute). Older bathrooms also present a handful of safety risks — from uneven floors, mold and mildew, electrical issues, and more.

With a bathroom refresh, you can integrate safety-focused features like grab bars, hands-free faucets, anti-slip flooring, and more to help minimize the risks. Plus, newer walk-in showers and tubs, handheld shower heads, and adjustable height vanities not only add safety and ease, but they’re also a great style choice, and add a feeling of modern luxury that you deserve! 

Come to think of it, we can’t find a good reason for you not to pursue a new bathroom remodel! While the benefits are endless, having the right team to turn your visions into a reality is key to getting the most out of each one! Contact the experts at Madsen Inc to discuss your bathroom wish-list today!