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11 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer Weather

With summer just around the corner, most of us are starting to daydream about all the vacations, pool days, and cookouts on the horizon. But along with all the fun of the season also comes sweltering heat and higher energy bills. We don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but one thing’s for sure – when you come home after a day out in the sunshine, you’ll want to be comfortable and cool. And the best way to ensure you can do that is to prepare your home for summer weather now.

Here are 11 simple things you can do to prepare for all the fun summer has to offer without losing your cool.

Prepping Your HVAC System for Summer Weather 

If there’s one thing that will make the biggest impact on your home’s comfort this summer, it’s your HVAC. There are a lot of things you can do now to prep your system for the brutal heat.


Clean Around Your Compressor Outside of Your Home

Your compressor is what creates the cool air that travels through the ducts in your home. Since it sits outside, debris can build up around and even get inside of your compressor, compromising it’s an ability to operate efficiently and effectively. Make a point to clear away anything that could be mucking up your compressor before summer arrives.


Check Your Filters

Just like outdoor debris can hinder your compressor’s performance, inside dust and particles in your HVAC filters can hinder the functionality of your entire system. Even if you haven’t been using your HVAC a lot this spring, your filters will continue to trap anything floating through the air, and those particles can accumulate quickly. Before the summer weather hits, you’ll want to make sure to check your filters to see if they need to be deep cleaned or replaced, and contact our team at Madsen to take care of it.


Inspect Your Air Ducts

When it comes to heating and cooling, duct damage is responsible for about 20-30% of energy loss. That’s why in order to save energy, it’s imperative to check on the condition of your ducts! Taking care of any air leaks will save you money and keep you cool in the long run. In many cases, these leaks may be very minor or even out of sight, but they can make a huge difference on your home’s overall comfort, so it’s worth a little extra effort to ensure nothing is missed. Hiring a professional to do this inspection for you will help you feel confident in your system all summer long.


Clean Your Vents

Before the summer heat gets to you, make sure cold air can get to you by cleaning out your vents! Keep an eye out for dust, debris, hair, and even objects that can fall through your vents – especially if you have pets or little ones running around. Clogged vents will only force your system to work harder and jack up your energy bills, so make sure everything is out of there before summer.


Check Your Thermostat

Now is the best time for a thermostat reset. You’ll want to try to match the seasonal temperature averages and schedule so you can be as efficient and cost-effective in cooling your home all summer long. Setting your thermostat can even help to keep you cool during power outages during summer storms. Make sure to change your batteries and get them tested for performance during your routine HVAC maintenance appointment as well.


Check Out Your Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant is a key component in keeping you cool this summer. It absorbs & transports heat, pushing the unwanted heat outside all season long. If your HVAC system’s refrigerant lines are damaged or leaking, it can cause environmental issues and stop your system from doing its job altogether. Sit by your unit for a bit and listen for bubbling or hissing noises. If you suspect there’s a leak, a good way to check is by taking some soap and apply it to the spot. If it bubbles, you’ve got a leak. If that’s the case, call a professional to fix the issue right away. Our HVAC experts would be happy to inspect your lines for you as well!

Other Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer Weather 

In addition to your HVAC care, there are other things you can do to prep your home to beat the heat.


Keep the Sunlight Out

Tackle that sunshine head-on by using curtains, blinds & shades, and reflective window film to keep those strong rays from heating up your living spaces. Planting shady trees and shrubs can also block sunlight from seeping in your windows and hitting your home’s exterior, which can help to keep you cool all season long!


Pay Attention to Airflow

Circulation is half the battle when it comes to cooling your home. By taking advantage of fans and screened windows, you can keep air flowing through your house. When temperatures aren’t unbearable, try to open windows at opposite ends of your house to promote airflow for short periods during the day and at night. Keep interior doors open so you don’t disrupt any potential cross-ventilation. And use fans in the rooms you’re occupying most during the day. They can make it feel up 10 degrees cooler when the airflow hits your skin!


Unplug Appliances & Electronics

Electronics and appliances can generate heat when they’re plugged in. Cut down on this extra heat by unplugging them when they’re not in use. Keep an eye out for light fixtures, your washer and dryer, and any cooking appliances that can be discreetly combating your cooling efforts.


Make Handling the Heat Easier with Help from Madsen!

It’s a no-brainer that HVAC system maintenance plays a major role in your home’s comfort every summer. To get ahead of the heat this summer, our experts at Madsen are here to take these important tasks off your to-do list. Contact our team to schedule your seasonal appointment today!