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4 Things to Do Now to Save Money on Your Cooling This Summer

With rainy and often chilly days the standard forecast this time of year, it may seem odd to think about record-breaking temperatures and high humidity. But in fact, this is the perfect time to start thinking summer. By performing a simple audit of your home and current HVAC system, you can quickly identify potential issues, repair them now, and have the peace of mind that once you start that air conditioner up, it will cool your home effectively and more efficiently.

1. Change your filter. This should be done twice a year at least, so pre-AC use and pre-heater use are smart times to make sure this is done. Filters can be purchased at most home improvement or hardware stores. If your outgoing filter is especially clogged with dust, consider having your vents cleaned as well.

2. Check for and fix cracks in window sills, door sills, and thresholds. Any gap in your home is a space that the cool air you are paying for can escape through. To keep your unit running more efficiently, make sure these spaces are taken care of. Fill cracks and caulk edges, and consider replacing very old windows or doors if necessary.

3. Switch the direction of your ceiling fans. If you are an eco-conscious homeowner you probably switching all your ceiling fans to run clockwise during the winter — a smart and easy way to encourage warm air down. Now as you want the air to be cooler, switch back to the original counter-clockwise direction, which will push a more wind down and help the rooms feel cooler.

4. Call and schedule an HVAC check. One of our trained professionals will check all the various components of your system, including the outdoor unit, main furnace unit, and any visible venting to ensure its in proper condition before the heat arrives. Services they may suggest could include cleaning the air conditioning unit coils, replacing a loose or cracked belt, repairing a refrigerant leak, or fixing worn out electrical components.

Three for you, one for us, but you have to make a call. Ready to schedule that HVAC check? Contact Madsen today.