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The Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioner and Furnace at the Same Time

Upgrading or replacing your HVAC system is a necessary but often scary endeavour for homeowners — they’re excited about the idea of better heating, cooling, and energy efficiency,
but not looking forward to the expense of the system and labor. And so they hold off, or try to break the replacement into smaller stages.
We totally appreciate the investment a new system can be, but replacing your entire system when its time is actually the more affordable option. It also happens to be better for your home,
schedule, and comfort.


1. You’ll get a full, compatible, efficient system you can count on. Replacing pieces of your HVAC system piecemeal means you are only focusing on the component in question. You may use different service providers for each, or look at different brands. In this search for the best price, you may inadvertently purchase components that eventually do not work together, and end up having to purchase items yet again. When you replace everything at once, your service tech will suggest and install components that are not only compatible, but together create the best system available for your home’s size and needs.

2. You’ll have one warranty for everything. In the unfortunate event that something in your system breaks you have the peace of mind that your system’s warranty will cover it. If you have purchased your condenser and furnace separately, they will be on different plans with different dates, and possibly different coverage. If the issue in question impacts pieces across the board, you may need to deal with two warranties with different criteria, or end up paying for items out of pocket.

3. You’ll save money. You know how you get a deal on applesauce or paper towels when you buy in bulk? Volume discounts apply to most items, including HVAC systems.  Service providers like Madsen will be able to give you a better price when you are investing in a larger number of parts. You will almost certainly pay less when you replace a full system at once than the AC and heating sections separately.

4. You’ll be able to opt for higher energy efficiency. New AC models with higher SEER ratings are a great investment, as are modern furnaces with a higher annual fuel utilization efficiency AFUE). However these new units often require the other pieces of the HVAC system to be of a certain size or quality to work properly.

This all said, if either your air conditioner unit or your furnace is working perfectly and it’s just the other component that needs replacing, there’s no need to tear everything out. Furnaces can
often last up to 30 years, and air conditioning components 10-15.

Discuss your needs with your Madsen service tech and determine the right replacement path for you and your home. Contact us today for a free inspection and assessment.