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How to Refresh & Maximize Your Kitchen Space

It doesn’t always require a full remodel to get the kitchen you want or need. Sometimes it’s just a couple refreshes that can make all the difference! If you ask us, the very best upgrades are ones that help you get organized too. So if you’re looking to take your kitchen to the next level or simply get a little more organized, here are a few great ways to maximize your kitchen space and freshen up your look!

  1. Replace dull hardware.
    Simply by replacing cabinet knobs, door handles, or light switches can really give your kitchen a fresh look. Like switching up your classic style of brass or nickel knobs to a rustic edge with copper or wood will give your kitchen a whole new vibe without spending a fortune.
  2. Identify your food prep space.
    As you’re laying out your new kitchen, determine which space will be used for most of your big food preparations. Make sure cabinets in this area will have everything you need for cooking and baking like measuring cups, colanders, etc. while your counter space is large enough for multiple cutting boards, mixing bowls and lots of ingredients!
  3. Extend Your counterspace.
    Speaking of counter space, does it feel like you don’t have enough? Extend your counters by building a few extra shelving supports or using decorative corbels to lengthen existing countertops or islands. You can really never have enough.
  4. Keep items within kids’ reach.
    Lower storage is great for items that the kids will use regularly. By keeping all their bowls, utensils and even snacks (maybe not junk food though) within their reach, you won’t have to hear “mom, can you get this for me” multiple times throughout the day.
  5. Keep pots and pans low.
    Any other lower cabinets and drawers are best used for pots and pans. You don’t want to have to pull large, awkward items like these out from over your head. Categorize by skillets, pots with lids, and sauté pans, so you know exactly where to find what you need.
  6. Build cabinets around appliances.
    This may require a little more work, but the payoffs are worth it. If you have freestanding appliances or extra space surrounding your refrigerator or oven, build custom shelves around these appliances to take advantage of vertical storage. It’s not only super useful, but also looks really sophisticated when used for wine or a nice china collection.
  7. Take note of your kitchen’s prime real estate.
    Basically this means the cabinets closest to your dishwasher. These are key for your most usable items like plates and cups. Trust us, it will make emptying the dishwasher so much less daunting. You’ll want to make sure these cabinets are conveniently within reach.
  8. Incorporate open shelving.
    Open shelving is not only the perfect way to add more storage space without knocking down any walls, but also for showing off some of your more unique or decorative items. Any extra wall space is perfect for a few built-in shelves to store fine china or decorative bowls and plates. You can also get creative with the lighting on these shelves as well to make them even more of a focal point.
  9. Add rolling shelves.
    A deep cabinet is great for additional storage, but the downside is having to basically take everything out to reach items in the back. Instead, install some rolling shelves with low sides to make use of all that deep storage in an easier, more sensible way.
  10. Install a pot rack.
    Vertical storage can be a real lifesaver, especially for big bulky pots and pans that take up so much space. Adding a pot rack above your center island, sink or counters is a great way to store all those items without wasting a ton of cabinet space. Plus, it makes grabbing what you need while cooking so easy!
  11. Consider a rolling ladder.
    Ceiling height cabinets are always a great idea in theory, but when it’s time to try and access them, it’s a whole different story. The solution: a rolling ladder! Not only super stylish, but incredibly functional in helping you reach those high storage spaces.
  12. Use the right tools.

Just like rolling shelves, that means having other products that help you access your kitchen items quickly and easily. Like vertical organizers to store larger, stackable items like baking sheets and cutting boards, cabinet risers, pan dividers, or turntables that make finding items in the back of cabinets a lot easier.

The kitchen is the hub of your home, so you shouldn’t just like the way it looks, but you should like the way it works too! But all the storage space in the world won’t help if you’re not organized, so by finding the right mix of aesthetic and functional upgrades, plus a little organization on your part, you can fully enjoy all your kitchen has to offer. For more information on how to maximize your kitchen space, contact our experts to discuss all your needs.