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How to know when it’s time to get your drains professionally cleaned

We rely on our drains a lot. Yet, few of us actually think about it until we’re trying to wash our hands or take a shower and the water isn’t draining. In reality, water isn’t the only thing our pipes see. Hair, grease, grime, and even soaps can have damaging effects on your system. In fact, many store-bought cleaners you think are helping your pipes, are actually making things worse too.

No one likes the inconvenience of a clogged drain, so here’s how you can keep your plumbing flowing smoothly with the help of a professional drain cleaning.


Why You Shouldn’t Use Store Bought Cleaners

They May Not Even Work

Even though your drain is clogged, it may not mean your pipes are. There could be underlying issues that a drain cleaner won’t fix. And if it’s a bigger issue like a broken pipe, pouring cleaner down the drain and not knowing where it’s actually ending up is just asking for more problems.

They Contain Toxic Chemicals
The chemicals in store-bought cleaners contain chemicals that actually weaken your pipes overtime. They help work to breakdown the clog, but in turn, cause a reaction that releases heat and deteriorates your pipes – especially PVC pipes. So while you’ve got a quick solution now, you could be creating more serious issues down the road. And in other cases, those chemicals may just sit in your pipes, and eat away at them until removed by a professional.

They Could Have an Adverse Effects

Those same chemicals that are hurting your pipes are also being mixed into your water supply. And when it does, it can affect you and your family, as well as other people and wildlife. The harmful fumes linger in the air even after the cleaner is down the drain and the leftover residue in the bottle is likely to end up in the soil around garbage dump.


When Should I Call a Professional?

Just because you’re not battling sitting water, doesn’t mean your pipes aren’t in dire need of a good clean. Here are 4 signs of when it’s time to get your drains professionally cleaned.

  1. Slow Drainage
    A clogged drain is the most common issue you’ll face with your sewer system. And it’s pretty rare it will happen without warning. Overtime, waste will gradually build on the pipe walls making it harder for water to get through. If you notice your water draining more slowly than usual, you shouldn’t wait until it becomes a full-blown backup to call a professional for expert cleaning services. 
  2. Gurgling Sounds
    When you notice bubbling water coming up from your drain, it’s a pretty clear sign of a problem. Obviously, the water has nowhere to go, so there’s likely a major backup somewhere in the pipes. As soon as you notice this, it’s time to call an expert who has the tools and expertise to clear the waste in the safest way for your pipes and get things flowing again. 
  3. Terrible Smell
    No one likes unpleasant smells. This is another common sign that it’s time for a good pipe cleaning – especially in the kitchen sink. The food or waste in your pipes that’s eventually going to cause a backup is more likely than not going to start exuding a terrible smell too. But it’s also important to keep in mind that not all bad smells mean a clogged drain. There could be a deeper issue in the sewer system, which can be extremely destructive to your pipes if not taken care of quickly. A tip: if more than one of your drains is smelly, then it’s likely a more serious issue
  4. Low Water Pressure
    Buildup in your drain can even affect your fixtures – like faucets and showerheads – as well. Clogged mineral deposits will cause the water pressure to decrease, and often a simple cleaning won’t do the trick. When your water isn’t quite flowing like it should be, contact a professional to help. 

With a professional drain cleaning, you can make sure to keep your home healthier – and odor-free – for longer, while reducing out-of-pocket expenses on plumbing repairs. To have a professional come out to check on your drains, contact the certified plumbers Madsen Inc. today.