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The Countdown is On: Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Hosting

All of a sudden the days are shorter, the air is cooler, and the holidays are taking over your commercial breaks. That’s right, the holiday season is here, whether you’re ready or not. And for many of us this year, hosting family and friends will mean just a little more, filled with long-awaited reunions and unforgettable memories. So here are a couple things you can do starting right now to get your space ready for the best holiday yet.


What to Do Now

Inspect Your Appliances
It’s your biggest nightmare: you’ve spent all that time planning, cleaning, and decorating only to have your refrigerator go dark or the oven stop heating just before the guests arrive. That turkey won’t cook itself! Check all your appliances — dishwasher, oven, washer and dryer, etc.— for early signs of trouble (like a hissing sounds coming from the refrigerator), especially if you’ve had them for a number of years.

And when it comes to your heating system, you can ensure your home will be nice and comfortable all season long by having a professional from Madsen inspect your unit and make any necessary repairs. To make sure you and our guests aren’t stuck in the cold, give us a call today.


Upgrade the Shared Bathrooms
Your bathrooms already get a ton of daily use; now add a couple of guests in the mix, and it’s one of the most popular rooms in the house. The upcoming holidays are the perfect excuse to upgrade those hallway and guest baths for better functionality and a modern look.

And if a full renovation isn’t in the budget; try smaller upgrades like a new shower curtain, floor coverings, vanity lighting, or faucets and knobs.


Swap in Smart Thermostats

With a house full of people, it’s hard to please everyone. But smart thermostats basically do just that. Not only do they ensure your system is running properly, but through the use of room sensors, they help you manage hot and cold spots in all rooms throughout your house automatically. And with voice activation and Android/iOS connectivity, you can even pre-set or change any temperature settings in each room from in the car home from the store or with hands full of green bean casseroles.


A Few Weeks Out

Add Portable Accent Tables & Ottomans
While the drinks are flowing and the food is being served, small accent tables and ottomans really come in handy for you and your guests. You can never have too much surface space, and these portable options add flexibility without really disrupting the flow of the room. Elegant holiday trays add functionality with a nice touch of aesthetic to unstable upholstered pieces, while fitting naturally with your normal decor.


Spruce Up the Guest Bedroom
For those overnight guests, do a runthrough of the guest bedroom. Chances are this room doesn’t get much use, so make sure it’s equipped with everything your guests may need to make them feel comfortable. Double check there’s enough open storage for their belongings, add window treatments to prevent cold drafts at night, and swap out old bedding for a fresh look and feel.

To really be the hostess with the mostess, provide extra charging cords, make sure electrical outlets are easily visible, have shampoos/conditioners, hair dryers, towels, etc. already supplied so they don’t have to go out of their way to ask for them.


Do a Little Painting
It’s really amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room. And there are a few key areas where a touch up can make an even bigger difference, such as the powder room, living room, and foyer. Whether you’re changing up the colors or just adding a fresh coat, focusing on these rooms will make the entire house feel a little more inviting and bright.


The Home Stretch

Decorate & Accessorize

Simple additions like fresh boughs or a few twinkling lights lining the front entry, some scented candles on the tables, and festive pillows and plants throughout the living spaces all have a big impact at low cost. Seasonal decor is always a nice touch to holiday gatherings, but even simply updating your rugs, throws, pillow covers, or towels will help your whole home look and feel refreshed.


Get Rid of the Clutter
The pressure is already on to get everything cleaned before the first guest arrives, so don’t add to the work by jumping over a pile of toys or shuffling around books and magazines; instead, start tossing or storing these items before you grab the Swiffer. It’ll make your job a lot easier!

For more tips on getting your home holiday ready or to see how our professionals can help, contact us to learn more. The countdown is on, so don’t wait!