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5 Home Improvement Projects for Spring

It’s amazing how a little sunshine and fresh air can really motivate homeowners to get to work. With spring just around the corner, you might find yourself looking for ways to spruce things up around the house. And if you’re not, it’s the perfect time to start. The colder months can be difficult on your home, so it’s important to check-in around the house and take care of any maintenance projects so you can enjoy those beautiful spring and summer days to the fullest!

While they might not be the most exciting things on your to-do list, you’ll thank yourself for them later. Here are five key spring home improvement projects we recommend to get you started.


1. Start from the Top – Inspect Your Roof
Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against inclement weather, and what may seem like a tiny issue has the potential to turn into a disaster if water is able to get indoors.
• Check for any damage that your shingles may have sustained under heavy snow or ice and replace any broken pieces or those that have shifted out of place.
• Look for water spots on your ceilings or exterior walls, curled shingles, and rust or stains where exterior walls meet the roof — this could be a sign of a leaks. And any water trapped underneath shingles can cause rotting so look for this too.
• Clean out your gutters so they can do their job during those April showers. A clear flow keeps water from building up and pooling around your foundation and your basement. Gutter guards are an easy and inexpensive way to keep leaves and debris from clogging your gutters.


2. Bring on the Heat — Prepping Your AC Unit
Just like we recommend an HVAC tune-up in the fall before the real cold strikes, spring is the best time to make sure that your AC unit is ready to go for summer. The last thing you want is to feel warmer inside than it does outside when it’s a blistering 90+ degrees. Change your filter, make sure the unit is draining properly and in good condition, and check for any leaks in your hose connectors. If your AC unit is more than 10 years old, or it’s been a while since your last routine check, contact our team at Madsen to come out and make sure everything is in working order for when you need it most.


3. Keep the Cool in — Check Your Insulation
Now that your AC is up and running, you don’t want that nice cool air going right out your doors or windows — because it will cost you. Check to see if the caulking or weather stripping around your windows is still sealed tight, and if you noticed condensation between double-glazed windows during the winter, this might be a sign that it isn’t secured properly. This condensation build-up and other insultation leaks can lead to mold, one of your biggest enemies to homeowners. Check your attic and any areas that may not be as well-insulated for any signs, which typically appear as black or gray blotches.


4. Boost Your Curb Appeal — Repair Your Siding
Your siding may have also sustained some damage from snow or ice during the last few months. New siding can make your home more energy efficient and be a stronger defence against summer storms. Damage can be frustrating, but new siding can also instantly energize a dull, weathered exterior to boost your curb appeal for spring.

Check for any of these signs that you may need to repair or replace your siding:
• Water stains
• Cracks
• Rotting
• Holes or signs of chewing from any critters trying to dig their way in
• Warping
• Gaps


5. Use that Green Thumb — Start Your Lawn Care
As everything starts to melt and things start looking a little greener, consider starting your lawn prep now so that it can reach its full blooming glory (and make you house the envy of your neighbours). Start by raking any leaves, branches, or debris that may have collected over the winter, so that once you have a clean slate, you can check your outdoor water system — ground sprinklers, pipes, and faucets — and make any necessary repairs. Soon it’ll be time to rev up that lawn mower again!

Some other great spring project ideas:
• Rinse down the patio furniture
• Upgrade or restain the deck
• Get the grill ready
• Install a new mailbox
• Clean the windows
• Apply fresh paint, inside or out
• Tackle that spring cleaning list — wash drapes, shampoo carpets, clean windows, dust in those tough to reach spots

If you run into any issues as you prep your home for the warmer days ahead, contact our team for any professional home maintenance repairs.