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3 Hot Tips for Creating a Backyard Oasis for Summer

The moments we’ve been waiting for all year are finally here — kicking back and cooking out in the backyard with friends and family. Nothing beats the combo of fresh air and savory scents from the hot grill. The only problem is your home’s outdoor living space could use a little help, and even small touches can make a huge difference in terms of functionality and aesthetics. If you’ve spent all winter dreaming of a nautical escape or a modern entertaining space but aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few ideas to inspire an outdoor oasis that’s perfect for you.


Add Water to Create a Waterfront Feel

Adding a water element can elevate any outdoor area by adding a reflective and soothing element. Ponds, self-containing fountains, and pools can all crate a sense of escape and serenity with a wide range of prices and installation difficulty to fit your budgets and timeline. Water features increase the natural harmony of any outdoor space, providing calm and relief on hot summer days. Freshwater installations can bring entire ecosystems into your yard by drawing in birds, honeybees, and other local wildlife that offer the added benefits of helping your gardens and flowerbeds flourish.


Temperature Control for Indoor Comfort, Outside

Make your backyard the gathering place for your loved ones all year long by regulating temperature and ambiance of the space. By adding shades, privacy screens, or firepits, your yard can become as functional as it is beautiful. Firepits keep you warm and cozy on chilly fall nights while creating a camp-style atmosphere for the kids or a romantic aura for you.

Overhead awnings, umbrellas, and screens can minimize the summer sun rays while allowing for some much-needed privacy from surrounding neighbors without being an eyesore. An easy way to naturally blend them into your outdoor space is by opting for color tones that match the cool or warm tones of the surrounding landscape. And add a little extra decorative pop to impress guests with string lights or hanging flowerpots.


Entertainment Elements for the Host with the Most

Daydreaming of romantic candle lit dinners? Late nights toasting to good friends? Whatever your motivation, creating a mini destination out of your outdoor bar or grill area expands the possibilities for seasonal entertainment. These amenities range widely in cost based on materials and set up, allowing you to create the ideal atmosphere for you and your loved ones within your budget. Swing seats or benches relaxation and comfort, while tables, chairs, and couches with weatherproof cushions add color and functionality to your space, brightening up your oasis while providing plenty of places for you and your loved ones to relax.

When creating your outdoor space, consider some of these additions too:

  • Create a prep zone to turn your grill space into a real outdoor kitchen — whether an outdoor sink with plumbing or an easy-to-clean, freestanding table.
  • Consider window service if your grilling area is by the house. Add a couple of stools, master a few cocktail recipes, and you’re set!
  • Add a mini fridge to keep meats out of the sun or drinks icy cold all day long.
  • Utilize accent lighting to set a mood as the sun sets and help keep your space well-lit throughout the night.


Get your home ready for a summer of fun and relaxation with any of these renovation inspirations, and contact us today to discuss any of your home improvement needs.