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5 Small Home Office Upgrades that Can Make a Big Difference

Now that so many people have transitioned to remote and hybrid work models, it’s become apparent just how valuable a distinct home office area is to stay productive. If you’re working from home full-time or a couple of days a week, having a distraction-free space that encourages creativity and focus is a must.

Here at Madsen, we’re all about designing spaces that help you to live your best life and accomplish all your goals. There are some simple ways to design your home office environment so that it’s not only functional, but also inspirational. Use these tips to upgrade your home office to meet all your professional needs.

  1. De-Clutter Your Desk

When you don’t have room to work, it can be very distracting and inhibiting to simple tasks. Physical clutter leads to mental stagnation and can be overwhelming when you’re trying to focus. Simple organizational hacks can make your area more manageable, helping you create a space for you to thrive.

Using hooks to place hardware on your walls can free up a great deal of desk space. Adding extra storage to your desk in the form of drawers, shelves, or sorters can also save you a lot of time wasted searching for things. When you have some sort of organization system for papers and tools, it will make finding and using them more efficient. And that includes having some sort of organizer for your computer and monitor cables. The less de-cluttered your space, the better you can achieve a healthy frame of mind.

And when you are re-organizing your desk, think about the accessibility, and make sure to prioritize frequently used items. If it’s not something you use every day, it can afford to be a little more hidden than if it’s something you do.

  1. Incorporate Effective Lighting

If your workspace isn’t well lit, it can cause strain on your eyes and even make you feel drowsy or depressed. Ideally, a mix of natural light and moveable task lighting is best. Setting your desk up near a window can bring you the presence of natural light during the day, which is even better! For task lighting, getting a desk lamp with a color-changing bulb will allow you to enjoy the perks of warm light, or yellow tones, to enhance creativity, and cooler light, or blue tones, for deeper concentration.

  1. Bring In Sources of Inspiration

Having items that bring you joy surrounding your workspace can make your space more comfortable and enjoyable when you’re stuck there for long periods of time. Plants and artwork are additions that provide a soothing sense of calm, while personal items that remind you of the people or things in your life that are most important can help keep you motived — and in a good mood! Incorporating bright colors throughout your space makes it an uplifting place to be and can also help the space feel larger. When you’re in the presence of some of your favorite things, you can’t help but feel rejuvenated!

  1. Make it Comfortable

Sitting in a wooden chair with no support is a great way to make sure you won’t be staying there for long. Having a comfortable, ergonomic chair with back supports and/or floor support will make the time spent in your workspace far more enjoyable. It’s also extremely important for overall health. Ergonomic office furniture is uniquely and specifically designed to minimize pressure points and encourage blood flow to help fend off aches and pains that can not only be distracting but cause more serious health issues down the road. So if you’re tempted by that super cute designer chair that goes great with your desk lamp, maybe give it another thought.

  1. Divy Up Your Space

Putting a desk in the middle of the den isn’t really the best way to be productive. While it may help you keep an eye on the kids, it’s not going to help you finish that brief in time to have dinner with them. Having somewhere that’s clearly defined as your workspace fosters a productive mentality, providing a clear separation from your work life and personal life. Using a room divider or transforming a bonus room or unused space with the help of the experts at Madsen can make it easier to avoid the distractions of being home and put you in the right headspace when it’s time to get things done. Lastly, separating yourself from your entertainment devices will serve you in the long run, allowing you to accomplish what you need to without temptation.

Bringing All These Elements Together

By making some of these changes to your home office environment, your space will be rich with joyful and inspiring elements that promote concentration, comfort, and productivity. You’ll find that these upgrades allow you to focus longer without becoming overwhelmed or distracted. Be the best version of your work self that you can be in an environment designed to encourage you every step of the way. Contact the Madsen team to talk about your home office goals today.