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Fall Home Maintenance You Shouldn’t Ignore

With winter creeping up as quickly as summer passed, now is a great time to get maintenance projects out of the way. Before things get too chilly, take advantage of the fall season to complete some necessary to-dos around the house that will help keep it in great shape throughout the harsher months to come. There are some tasks that really can’t be ignored to keep your home in its best condition – so make sure to take on these ones first!

Maintain Your Gutters

Whether you hire a professional pressure washer or take on the job yourself, your gutters really need a good clean before winter. Debris and wet leaves can accumulate quickly and only compound throughout the fall season, clogging up your gutters so they can’t function properly. With all the precipitation winter brings, you want your gutters to be prepared so they can protect your property from water damage.

While you’re at it, make sure your gutters are aligned properly! Ice from past winter seasons can take a toll, causing them to sit off-kilter. If they’re not straightened before winter, your roof could be swamped in the Spring.


Store Summer Away

Once fall hits, all your summer outdoor items can be stored away for winter to maintain their longevity. First, take care of all your patio furniture and outdoor living space pieces. Covering them with a blanket will help to keep them from getting damaged by the weather or in storage.

Next, take down and store your window screens. Even if you do enjoy opening them at times in the fall or winter, you certainly won’t need to keep bugs at bay. Storing your screens during these seasons extends their lifespan. But before you put them away, give them a gentle cleaning with a soapy bucket of water and brush so they’re ready for springtime.

Lastly, pack up your plants! Adding an extra layer of mulch to your flower bed will help protect your plants so they can flourish again next year.


Finesse Your Furnace

You want to make sure your furnace is ready for those chilly fall nights and frigid winter days. And bleeding your hot water radiators is an easy way to keep them from holding excess water and air. Unscrew the valve at the top, and then catch the water in a small container.

You can also change your furnace filter yourself, keeping your indoor air from getting dirty and your furnace functioning well. Pro tip: make sure to do this before the first time you turn it on for the season.

Finally, make sure you get your routine furnace maintenance inspection. That way, with the help of a pro like those here at Madsen, you can take care of any repairs before it gets too cold outside. Don’t wait to find out your furnace isn’t working properly the hard way – get your inspection done in the fall to make sure you’ll be comfortable all winter long.


Do a Safety Check-Up

Fall is also a great time to check on your detectors and fire extinguishers. Your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should both get fresh batteries. Just a note, if your carbon dioxide detectors are right next to your furnace, they might go off when you turn it on for the first time. Make sure you get your furnace inspection with Madsen to check on those carbon dioxide levels to give you peace of mind in the upcoming months.


Prep Your Space for Snow Removal

Don’t make things harder on yourself this winter. Whether you’re using a snow blower or grabbing a shovel, you’ll want to make sure your space is cleared and ready for snow removal (another great reason for putting that outdoor furniture away!). Rocks, hoses, cords, and dog runners can become big hassles if not taken care of ahead of time. Clear the path so you can get rid of the snow without any additional effort.

Taking care of those beautiful fall leaves can also be a big help in the winter. You don’t want a layer of wet leaves adding weight to the heavy snow as you shovel or clogging up your snow blower. Picking up that rake now can make picking up the shovel much easier when the time comes!

By taking care of these important maintenance projects this fall, your home will be ready for winter’s worst! And for all those furnace-related issues, we’re here to help you at Madsen! Contact us today to help you finish up your fall maintenance so you can be cozy and comfortable all winter long.