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Tips to Get Your Home Holiday Ready

The holiday season is a time for fun and festive time to bring people together. For some of us, we get to spend time with family we otherwise rarely see, and for others, it’s just a wonderful excuse to throw a party with our besties. Aside from the essentials like decorations and delicious food, there’s one important thing to consider that can make or break your holiday gathering – your kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s not only the place where people gravitate toward during gatherings, but it’s also where you put your all into making scrumptious sides and savory main dishes that keep your loved ones’ taste buds tingling year after year.

Upgrading your kitchen before the holidays creates a space that both guests and hosts alike can enjoy spending time in. Holiday entertaining is all about creating new memories, so here are a couple of tips to help you create a space that will help make every moment memorable.


Start with the Essentials

There are some things that may not be part of your typical dinner party, but then there’s no better time than the holidays to break them out. Spice things up with the following festive essentials:


Turn up the Fun

Having a speaker or sound system can make your holidays that much more special. There’s nothing quite like bursting out into jingle bells or silent night with your loved ones. Music is essential to the holiday spirit and is one of the most enjoyable parts of sharing these times together. Amp up the volume so people can get the most out of this experience!


Have a Holiday Hot Drink Station

Another thing you might not typically need is a coffee bar, but when you’re scrambling eggs and flipping pancakes on a cold winter morning, it can totally put you in the festive mood.

Whether you’re hosting the in-laws or having friends over, having a coffee bar allows people to get their caffeine fix in their own way! Offer mix in options like Chirstmas cookie simple syrup or peppermint cream so they can personalize their drink to their taste. A little pumpkin spice syrup and an espresso machine can even get them the PSL they love without having to leave the house.

Keeping cocoa and marshmallows or cider with cinnamon sticks can make it even more fun, letting everyone in on the warm and delicious goodness of the holidays.

And hey, having a bar bar isn’t a bad idea either – just remember to stock up on peppermint schnapps!


Make the Holidays Brighter

Lighting is transformative. Poor lighting can make the most modern of kitchens feel dull and unwelcoming, and great lighting can bring life and character into a smaller space. To create that warm environment you’re looking for, you’ll need lighting that’s both functional and aesthetic.

Installing a dimmer can help make setting — and adjusting — the mood easy. Make your lighting soft or bright as the party vibes change. And consider the visual aspects of your lighting too. Metallic finishes and bronze or black accents are stylish ways to make your space inviting. Unique shapes can be conversation starters, while sconces can also bring excitement to your lighting.


Improve Accessibility

Don’t let the little things get in the way of your good time. Here are some ways to get your space organized and ready for all the holiday hoopla.


Get Your Sink in Shape

Getting a new, quality faucet in a trendy black, copper, or bronze finish can make holiday clean up. A tap that sits too low can be cumbersome, taking time away from while struggling to rinse 100 plates.  A high-end or touchless faucet can also be a real conversation starter for guests! A simple swap could complete the overall look you’re going for with your kitchen design with a modern touch.

And if your sink simply isn’t big enough to do the job of a host, consider looking at larger options. Farm or double sinks are very popular designs that add tons of extra space for dishes and meal prep. A garbage disposal is also clutch for all your holiday feasts.


Get Rid of the Rubbish

Having an inconveniently-placed, visible, or smelly garbage situation doesn’t exactly scream “happy holidays.” A built-in garbage and recycling cabinet keeps trash cans out of the way for guests. Out of sight, out of mind is way better in this case. A smart garbage system also allows people to enjoy the smell of that delicious meal you’re prepping or that peppermint-scented candle you’ve got burning instead of their waste.


Open Things Up with Less Cabinets

Investing in glass-front cabinets or open shelves is an incredibly convenient choice for anyone who loves to host. Guests don’t like having to ask where certain dishes are over and over again — and you have enough on your plate than to keep having to answer.

Glass-front cabinets and accessible shelves open up the space and make it feel bigger too, so you don’t feel overcrowded with everyone in the kitchen when it’s time to fill their plates.


Switch Up Your Surfaces

Chipped paint or worn-down surfaces aren’t necessarily inviting. By switching up your surfaces, you can brighten and warm up your space to a holiday-approved temperature.


Wood That’s Not Wood

Reclaimed wood is a trendy modern option for dining tables, kids’ tables, and accents. It’s a warm look that is instinctively inviting, making people feel warm and welcome, while adding a rustic cabin vibe to your holiday experience.


Quality Quartz

Quartz countertops come in tons of patterns and colors and are a great option to jazz up your kitchen decor in a cost-effective way. They’re also durable enough to handle everything from the heat of very hot turkey pans to the spills and blows of dropped glasses or plates.

Having this type of countertop will add the good kind of drama to your kitchen and help you cook with confidence without having to worry about cracking or chipping. Let’s be honest, you don’t need anything else to worry about with 4 dishes in the oven.


Get Fired Up

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help turn your kitchen into the place to be this holiday season, consider adding a fireplace with lounge furniture to your eat-in space. There’s nothing quite like roasting walnuts or marshmallows by the fireside, and being extra toasty warm on the coldest of winter nights. Get the ideal holiday experience in full swing by going the extra mile and investing in a fireplace along with some comfy seating.

If you want your house to be the holiday hub, these additions will seal the deal — and you’ll never go to your in-law’s house for the holidays again!


Winner Winner, Who’s Ready for Dinner?

Beautiful, adjustable lighting will spark the holiday spirit. People won’t be worrying about tripping over trash cans, rinsing their plates, or navigating your kitchen. Everyone will help themselves to their favorite morning and evening drinks, and then sit to enjoy them by the crackling fire. You’ll be cooking like a pro, sliding pans over your gorgeous and practically indestructible countertop while everyone dances around the Christmas tree.

Our experts here at Madsen and here to help you design your perfect holiday kitchen. With a wide variety of available styles and products, we’ve got what you need to create the entertainment setting of your dreams.

Take a look at our kitchen gallery to see how we’ve helped others to spruce up this heart-of-the-home space. We get you the results you’re looking for so you can enjoy them during the holiday season and all year round! Contact us today to help you create the home for the holidays.