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Ask Santa for these End of Year Home Improvements

Home improvements are a great investment. Not only do they make your home more enjoyable — but they also increase its value. It’s a now-and-later solution to getting what you want as a homeowner. Let’s just say, they’re gifts that keep on giving.


So if you’re looking for something to ask Santa for this year, home improvements are one thing you won’t need a gift receipt for. We’ve compiled a couple of great ideas to elevate your space and add value in an affordable and meaningful way. Here are some of the best home improvements to ask for this holiday season!


Paint with Purpose

Paint is an inexpensive way to transform aninterior and bring new life to the home you love. Refreshing the walls, trim, and ceilings with a fresh color can rejuvenate any room. And our specific color choice can make a huge difference in setting the mood for work, play, or relaxation.


When it comes to home offices, a non-distracting white or mood-boosting shade of blue or green can help keep you in the right headspace. Playrooms can come to life with a combination of citrus colors, while earthy tones can make your kitchen feel sophisticated and calm. And various hues of gray, blue, or green are trendy choices to make your bathroom feel new again.


Whichever color you choose, make sure it matches your space and aligns with your goals for it. Painting with purpose is an affordable way to define and improve your home.


Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is commonly known as the heart of the home. And that means dealing with an outdated kitchen can throw off the vibe of your entire home. It can also turn off future home buyers as well.


Whether you’re hoping to attract potential buyers or enjoy cooking weekday dinners, preparing large holiday meals, and gathering with family more, kitchens are the centerpiece of it all. They affect the experience you have with each of these events, increasing your social collateral, happiness, and sellability of your property as a whole.


By redesigning your kitchen, you’re adding a significant game changer when it comes to your home’s value. If you ever put your home on the market, the kitchen alone can net up to 77% of the overall cost of your home!


But we also know it can be a daunting task to take on alone! Luckily, our kitchen design experts at Madsen are here to help. Improving the beauty and functionality of your kitchen can elevate every moment spent there for years to come. We’ve got the products and styles you want to make your kitchen look luxurious and new. Browse our kitchen gallery to get a little inspiration! From minor remodels to complete overhauls, our artistic professionals have got you covered.


Replace Your Windows

Old windows are rarely energy efficient. In other words, they’re letting cold air into your home all winter long. The cost for this overtime can be pricey too — notching the thermostat up a couple of degrees every day adds up to a drastic increase in energy bills


Replacing your windows is an upgrade that can make a huge difference, improving your quality of life and keeping energy bills low when winter brings its worst. It’s also much more affordable than most impactful home improvements, while adding nice aesthetic value too. Yes, please Santa!


Freshen Up the Bathroom

From upgrading countertops to getting new fixtures installed, bathroom upgrades can get an approximate 60% return for your home’s value. Bathroom remodels also improve your quality of life by making morning showers more revitalizing and evening baths more relaxing. Not sure where to start? Consider replacing an old tub, troublesome toilet, outdated ink or vanity. Even a new showerhead can make getting ready in the morning a lot more enjoyable. And for a more aesthetic-boosting project, swap out old hardware or give your cabinetry a fresh coat of paint — maybe try a fun, unexpected color!

Get the most out of your home by making sure your bathroom serves you in the best possible way. Our design experts are here to make this space everything it should be: stylish, peaceful, and valuable. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide options that can achieve your goals for your bathroom. Take a look at our bathroom gallery to see how beautiful the possibilities can be!


The Best Home Improvement Choices

When it comes to choosing the best ways to improve your home, value should be the motivating factor. And that comes in a few different forms: financial, aesthetic, and quality of life.

From the kitchen and bathrooms to the windows and walls, make the most of your home — and your life in it — by asking for these improvements for Christmas this year. They’re a gift that will have a positive impact on your life every day, which is something a lot of other presents won’t. And they set you up for a more successful future. Who could ask for more?

If you need to point Santa in the right direction, have him reach out to us here at Madsen!