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New Year, New (Feeling) Home

Most people take the New Year as an opportunity to think of ways to improve their lives. We set little goals for ourselves in hopes that we’ll create some meaningful change in our lives toward the things we want for ourselves. Creating healthy habits, setting career goals, planning to travel more — we love the feeling of newfound motivation the start of the year brings.

But while you’re concocting those personal resolutions to achieve meaningful change, we can’t forget about the role our surroundings play in the things we do and the way we feel. Yes, we’re specifically talking about your home!

We don’t always notice how much our space affects our behavior. We’re here to remind you. So why not kick off 2023 with a couple of home improvements that will help make your resolutions easier to keep! Here are a few ideas…


Re-Model Key Spaces

A little remodeling can go a long way — especially in the right spaces! In addition to adding value to your home, it can provide invaluable comfort and gratification for you as part of living your very best life.


Kickstart Your Kitchen

Starting with your kitchen is a great way to get into a healthier mindset. When you love your kitchen you’ll be encouraged to cook more, saving you money & supporting your physical goals. Investing in newer, energy-efficient appliances will only make cooking more enjoyable, but also help you save even more money in the long run. And if you remodel your kitchen, you can increase your home’s overall value, maximizing your investment in a way that keeps paying off.

Organizing your cabinets and applying a fresh new paint color is a great place to start. If you want some help remodeling your kitchen to get it in gear for the new year, reach out to our experts at Madsen!


Home Office

Your home office is also a key space where a re-model could benefit you immensely. You need a comfortable and inspiring space to be your most productive self this year — and just a couple of design and furniture updates could be the smartest thing you could do. New technology, ergonomic seating (you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for looks, or vice versa!), and storage elements can help you refresh your space and achieve all of your professional goals this year.



Prioritizing self-care? Where better to start than a remodeled bathroom! Investing in a luxurious space where you can unwind with those bath bombs you got in your stocking or complete that new nightly skin-care regimen can elevate these experiences tenfold. Trust us, when you really love your bathroom, it’s a lot easier to stick to those nightly routines. So if you want to dedicate a space to self-care, consider having a team of design experts help make your dream bathroom a reality.


Inspection Leads to Perfection

Homeowners can get ahead of potential problems if they take the steps to learn what they are. Inspecting key areas of your property to catch potential issues or damage to your systems can save you thousands in the long run. Waiting until a full breakdown or a major leak isn’t recommended by our professionals, so if you want the peace of mind of knowing every detail has been looked at by a pro and your home is as efficient and safe as it can be, set up a routine maintenance check with us today.


Indoor Air Quality

It may often get overlooked (because you can’t technically see it), but your indoor air quality is one of the most important factors in a healthy home. Make it a resolution to make checking your HVAC system a priority. Change the filter and schedule a tune-up so it can operate as efficiently as possible. You can also invest in air filters around the house to breathe cleaner air in every room.


Interior Elements

Inspect the floors for wear and tear or movement between boards and give your carpets a deep clean after that holiday hosting. Other tasks like clearing out your dryer’s lint ducts and refrigerator coils, inspecting your water heater, and checking your foundation for signs of termites are all important tasks to add to your routine to-do list. Make a commitment to maintaining one of your resolutions this year!


Exterior Features

Next stop, outside! Do a thorough check of your home’s exterior, from your siding to outdoor lighting, gutters, and roof. If you find any issues, such as buckled panels or fallen shingles make sure to get them fixed sooner than later to avoid worse and more costly damage. Plus, boosting your property’s curb appeal is a great way to gain a newfound sense of pride in your home!


De-Clutter Storage Spaces

Your garage, closets, attic, and cabinets might not be as organized as they could be — for many of us, it’s out of sight, out of mind. But this can be the year you can change that! Getting organized starts with clearing out the clutter. Take one storage area at a time, and start sorting out what you want to keep, donate, or throw away. And for every new item you got for Christmas or plan to treat yourself to in the New Year, make it a goal to toss out or donate an old one!

Once you’ve whittled down the haul, it’s time to organize. Whether you invest in some storage solutions or a professional organizer, create a system that works for you, so you’ll be more likely to maintain it! Make sure you can access items you use more often easily, so you’re not making life more difficult on yourself. That kind of defeats the purpose.


Create a Cleaning Plan

Creating a cleaning plan is a great way to make sure all your de-cluttering and organizing efforts actually last. Without a cleaning plan in place, you’ll simply have to put in the same amount of effort again next year. Plan out a schedule you can stick to regularly — start small and go from there.

Make a list of daily cleaning tasks by focusing on things that affect your family most often — like dishes, laundry, furniture, or floors. Set one of these tasks for each day of the week, giving yourself a day or two off to make it more manageable. Pro tip: divide your house by segments, so that maybe Wednesdays are for bathrooms and Saturdays are for the kitchen. Put these schedules in your phone calendar or planner, and take pride in sticking to it — unlike those workout resolutions last year.


Start Your New Year Right!

Following through with even just a few of these resolutions will help your home feel new again. And we just know that a rejuvenated space will catapult you to reach your goals!

Focusing on the heart of the home and making subtle changes and new routines for every room in the house will set you up for success. Let’s make it your most comfortable and cost-effective year yet! A cleaner, healthier space will promote your physical, mental, and emotional health, so make sure you start 2023 with these home improvement projects to make it the best it can be!