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8 AC Tips to Help You Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is in full swing and you can certainly feel it! But just because it’s scorching outside, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be perfectly comfortable inside. Ensure your home stays cool all summer long by taking advantage of these helpful tips to improve your HVAC’s efficiency and effectiveness!


1) Keep Your HVAC System in the Shade

A lot of AC units are located outside the home. And when it’s in the shade, the air around it’s going to be cooler — automatically making it easier to cool the air for you. Conversely, if you keep your unit in direct sunlight, it’ll get overheated and have to work overtime. Shady trees or shrubs can help, but make sure there is enough space around the unit to avoid other issues. A constant barrage of leaves and branches can clog up the system and lead to the need for repairs or replacements.


2) Check & Replace Your Filters

Air filters should be checked once a month and replaced as needed. If you stay on top of this, you can improve your indoor air quality and avoid allergens and dust circulating through your home. Even further, if those filters become clogged, you could be looking at an overworked HVAC system and a whole new set of problems. Conserve energy, improve the longevity of your unit, and save money by regularly implementing this simple efficiency fix.


3) Protect Your Thermostat From the Heat

Your thermostat innately senses heat around it. So if it’s near sources of heat, it’s going to set your AC into overdrive to try to bring those temps down. By keeping electronics and appliances away from your thermostat, you can prevent it from working unnecessarily and driving up utility costs.

If you’re having a new thermostat installed, our experts here at Madsen can help find the best placement in your home, avoiding direct sunlight and large appliances to ensure this won’t be the case for you.


4) Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Speaking of new thermostats… smart thermostats are excellent investments in terms of saving money, conserving energy, and keeping you cool! This tech ensures your system operates efficiently and allows you to change the settings any time from anywhere. In fact, each degree you dial below 78 can increase your energy consumption by about 8%, so the more control and visibility you have into your home’s cooling, the better. This affordable investment will pay for itself in no time by saving you money on your energy bills and preserving the lifespan of your HVAC unit in the process.


5) Invest in a New HVAC System

If your outdated HVAC system simply isn’t getting the job done, investing in a new unit is likely worth the investment in the long run. An inefficient system is costing you extra money for the same output — and probably isn’t helping you beat the heat. Our experts at Madsen can recommend the right size HVAC unit for your space, maximizing efficiency and keeping you as cool as possible all season long. A replacement will be more affordable than constant repairs or siphoning money to your energy company.


6) Weatherize Your Home

Even if your HVAC system is working perfectly, that cool air could be going right out the window. Weatherizing your home can make all the difference when it comes to the actual temperature inside. This includes sealing air leaks with caulking and weather stripping and placing some awnings over windows and doors to stop sunlight from getting in. Installing window film or tints can help retain the indoor temperature, and follow up by adding insulation around your air ducts to make sure you have all the bases covered.


7) Take a Look at Your Landscaping

While most of your landscaping may be set in stone, consider adding more rocks, cement, or asphalt on the south or west sides of your home to stop heat from getting trapped on your property. These surfaces increase the temperature of your surroundings by absorbing and continuously radiating heat. It’s also important to take note of plants and shrubs and their distance from your HVAC unit. Like previously mentioned, the more leaves and branches close in proximity can cause inadequate airflow, which prevents your unit from breathing cool, refreshing air into your home.


8) Set Your Fans to Spin Counterclockwise

When you set your ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise, they’ll push the cool air coming from your AC down and throughout your house. Running your ceiling fan is a lot cheaper than even a couple extra degrees on your thermostat, so take advantage of this method as often as you can. This’ll also give your HVAC unit a break so it can live longer and work more efficiently when you need it to, and give you the option to keep certain vents closed to direct the cool air to the rooms you want it to go.


Make Madsen Your Choice for HVAC Care!

Whether you need a new HVAC unit or thermostat installed or you need a routine tune-up, the experts here at Madsen can help with all of your HVAC needs and ensure things are done the right way, every time.

We’ll come do a thorough inspection of your system so you can be sure it’s ready to beat the heat when the season gets sweltering. An affordable maintenance appointment can set you up for a cool summer and save you from dealing with expensive repairs or replacements before the season’s up. Don’t let your HVAC system fail you — give us a call to schedule an appointment with our team of local technicians today.