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4 Steps to Better HVAC Care & Usage

When summer temperatures hit, we are quickly reminded of how important our air conditioners are. But if we truly appreciate these helpful home appliances, we should be taking care of them well before we need them. By taking time each year to inspect and service your HVAC system, you can not only ensure it will work well for you, but that it will work efficiently, providing cool air and lower energy bills all summer long.

  1. Pick the right air filter. At the start of the season, start things off right with a new, cleanair filter. The most popular air filters in the market are made of fiberglass and should bereplaced every one to three months. If you or someone in your home suffers fromallergies, consider a HEPA filter, which provides more protection from allergens. Theseunits stay in place but need to be cleaned every three months.
  2.  Keep the area clear around your unit. Trim trees and bushes near your outdoor unit to be at least 24 inches from the grill to help prevent yard debris from entering the unit.Brush off leaves or lawn clippings that may fall on the unit throughout the summer.
  3. Test your system and power source. Once things begin warming up but well before they reach summer highs — think around 70 degrees F — turn on your air conditioner to ensure it’s ready to run. If the unit does not come on, check that the unit is properly connected to power by checking your circuit breaker and the switch on side of unit. If both are on but the unit still does not power up, it’s time for a service call.
  4. Get a tune up before temperatures soar. Even if from your end everything appears to be working properly, it’s smart to call your Madsen tech to do a multi-check inspection on your HVAC system. Finding a small issue now before you truly “need” your air conditioning will prevent larger problems and the need for emergency calls later in the summer