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How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide In Your Home

Here’s a startling statistic: While 94% of homeowners know that their furnace can release deadly carbon monoxide gas, only half of them will take the simple step to prevent that from happening. Are you one of them? With the result being thousands of carbon monoxide poisoning hospitalizations and deaths in the US every year, it’s […]

Tips for Maintaining Indoor Air Quality & Comfort When Entertaining

A lot that goes into a fun night of entertaining friends and family. There’s food and drinks to buy, places to be set, rooms to clean, and playlists to be made! But more importantly, there’s the quality of your indoor air to maintain. This factor is often overlooked, but studies consistently show that indoor air […]

Seven Ways to Take Care of Your Plumbing During Winter

People don’t often think about their plumbing until it’s not working. During the cold winter months, the odds of that happening increase dramatically. But taking care of your pipes, faucets, and more and keeping them more top of mind can prevent the worst from happening. Try these seven ideas. Run the water on cold days. […]

Four Musts for Winter HVAC Maintenance

With cold temperatures and snow around the corner, your HVAC system will soon be working some overtime. But is it ready for the challenge? Tackle these four simple to-dos now to ensure a stress-free season. 1. Clean or Replace the Air Filter Most disposable air filters are designed to last about three months max, so […]

The Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioner and Furnace at the Same Time

Upgrading or replacing your HVAC system is a necessary but often scary endeavour for homeowners — they’re excited about the idea of better heating, cooling, and energy efficiency, but not looking forward to the expense of the system and labor. And so they hold off, or try to break the replacement into smaller stages. We […]