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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Retail tends to jump on the change of seasons a little too early for our tastes – the Back to School ads were out in June, and you’ll probably be seeing Christmas décor out any day now. But while we aren’t exactly ready for snow and Santa just yet, we do respect the idea of getting a jump start things and making sure you are prepared for changes ahead. In our world, that means encouraging our homeowners to begin making and tackling their Fall maintenance to-do list now, before the elements take over. What should you have on your list?

Exterior survey and repairs

Before the ground is covered by leaves or, worse, snow, do a full inspection of the exterior of your home. Look for cracks around windows and doors and along the exposed portion of your foundation, filling in any with caulk to prevent further damage and keep the forthcoming cold air outside where it belongs.

Fireplace inspection

There’s nothing more enjoyable than the super cold evening that you build the first fire of the season and snuggle around with blankets and mugs of hot cider. Unless that evening is ruined by smoke backing up into your living room. Before you use your fireplace, have a licensed inspector come and make sure the flue is free of debris, the damper is working properly, and you don’t have build-up that can cause smoke and odors. A quick cleaning can make a world of difference.

Roof check

Summer storms have a reputation for doing damage to roofs thanks to high winds, excessive moisture, and the odd broken limb-turned-projectile. Do a quick once over of your roof, looking for loose shingles, tears, standing water, and other issues that could worsen once the snow arrives and cause serious issues.

Furnace maintenance

Make sure your heating system is in tip top shape before you need to use it by calling a Madsen tech to do a full inspection of the unit now. Our techs will make sure all pieces are in working order, change your filter, and ensure that you’ll be able to stay warm all season long.

Pack away the pool toys and schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC experts to schedule your check-up and get Fall off to a smart start. Contact Madsen today.