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Kitchen Renovation: The Basics

It was the perfect house – except for the outdated, run-down kitchen. Or perhaps you’ve enjoyed your kitchen for some time, but the years of use are catching up and you’re ready to consider a kitchen renovation. Deciding to update your kitchen is an exciting adventure, but one that can also be filled with worry and indecision, especially if you are new to the process. By creating a plan from the very start and leaning on the insight of local experts, you can be sure you’ll soon be showing off a stunning new space to guests.

Where do I start with my kitchen design?

Planning a new kitchen design requires a tremendous amount of expertise. While the idea of a DIY kitchen remodel can be attractive, the experience, skill, and track record of a licensed and insured design firm specializing in residential remodeling are crucial to staying on time and within your target budget.

If you wish to begin on your own, do so as a thoughtful observer and begin thinking about your dream kitchen. Flag designs in magazines that appeal to you, browse stores for appliances or countertops that have features you might like, and look at the rest of your home to see what colors or finishes you tend to be drawn to. Knowing what you like and don’t like will help you answer your designer’s initial questions and make the entire kitchen redesign process much smoother.

What process will a licensed kitchen designer follow?

To get started, your designer will ask you a number of questions about both your personal style and how you use your kitchen. How many family members do you need space for? Are you entertainers? Gourmet chefs or take-out microwavers? Each answer will help the team determine the appliances and layout that would work best for your lifestyle. They will also consider your materials preferences, the room’s current layout, and your budget, slowly narrowing down the countless options out there and presenting a layout designed especially for your family. As you review the plan and make changes, remember to consider both form and function.

How do we go from a design to a renovated kitchen?

The beauty of working with a licensed kitchen renovation company is that your designer works directly with in-house contractors and project managers, allowing you to have a seamless transition from planning to renovating. It’s important for the entire team to sit down, including the homeowners, to go over all design elements and confirm measurements and placements. The renovation team then takes over, ordering each appliance, piece of cabinetry, countertop, tile, and fixtures, performing all necessary demolition and removal, and then installing each material with exact detail. Thanks to their experience, these teams understand the importance of ensuring all renovations are done to code. It’s important to be sure the kitchen renovation accommodates all power and water line moving, structure supporting, and other potential work, and that installations are clean and precise. While the length of an install will vary greatly depending on the scope of the renovation, your project manager will be available to keep you posted on progress.

Will we have to wait to move in until after the kitchen is complete?

While we know many families who have lived at home through a renovation, if you have the option of living offsite during the process, it may be preferable to you and your family. Large renovations do make noise and dirt, and you may be without water or power for extended periods of time. If you need to live in your home during your renovation, consider moving the current refrigerator to the garage or another removed area, using bathroom or laundry sinks for cleaning up, and sticking to no-cook meals or take out when necessary.

If you are ready to give your new home a new kitchen, the talented designers and contractors at Madsen are ready to help you along the way. Contact us today.