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Prepare Your Home for Spring

Spring cleaning season is here, and soon you’ll be scrubbing, washing, dusting, and vacuuming your way to a spic and span home. But just as you take care to clean up your living spaces after the long winter, it’s the perfect time to do some maintenance on other parts of your home. From the attic to the basement and all around the exterior, add these to-dos to your list to ensure a safe space all spring and summer.

Clean gutters and downspouts. Fall’s leaves and branches mixed with winter snow and ice can create solid blockages in gutters and downspouts that not only deter proper rain drainage, but can cause issues to your eaves and flashing. Make sure all debris is removed so that when the spring rains arrive, the water has a safe place to flow.

Reseal exterior woodwork. Your deck, your stair rails, and even your kids’ playset need to be stained and sealed every two years at least to ensure they stay strong and safe – not to mention look as nice as possible. While you are out there, take the opportunity to check for any split or loose boards so they are fixed before they become a safety issue.

Check out your driveway and paths. The freeze and thaw cycle is roughest on concrete, asphalt, and other stone surfaces. Look for cracks that might need filling, or consider resurfacing or even repaving if time and wear have deteriorated the surface seriously.

Clean and secure screen doors and windows. Window washing is a regular part of spring cleaning, but don’t forget the screens – rough winter winds could have torn them. Remove and clean gently with a dish soap solution, looking for rips and tears. Small holes can be patched, or you can re-screen the frames easily with supplies from your local home improvement store.

Inspect the basement. Standing water and snow in winter can easily make for foundation issues. If your basement feels damp, look for ways to add ventilation and consider a dehumidifier. Check concrete walls for cracks as well, focusing on the very bottom where cracks begin for any signs of water. Finally look up to any exposed beams and framing to ensure there are no signs of insects.

Look for leaks. Take a moment to quickly inspect all plumping, keeping an eye out for leaky connections under sinks, drips under the dishwasher, slow drains in the bathrooms, issues with the washing machine, and sweaty pipes. These small problems are easy to fix now and can help prevent major plumbing issues later in the season.

Tune up the AC. Well before the heat of summer requires its use, have a Madsen tech do a seasonal inspection and tune up on your HVAC unit. Change the filters, ensure the system is running properly, and feel confident that you’ll be able to stay cool as those temps rise.

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