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Pro Tips to Handle Temperature Swings This Spring

Regardless of what Puxatawny Phil may say, we never actually know what kind of weather we’re in for heading into spring. Sometimes a little bit of sun has those May flowers springing in March and those April showers bring some serious cold fronts. So with such unpredictable weather, how are we supposed to prepare ourselves as homeowners?

We can’t control the weather, but we can control how well we prep for it. Check out these tips to help you ensure your heating and cooling system is more than ready for whatever spring may bring to help you manage those energy bills.


Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance Appointment

You probably had a feeling this one would be on the list! It’s a no-brainer. In order to continue working efficiently and effectively season after season, your HVAC system needs regular care. And now is the perfect time to make sure your system is still running smoothly after a long winter. Before everyone else starts booking their pre-summer appointments, get ahead of the game so you can be confident in the comfort your system will provide.



During your maintenance appointment, we’ll evaluate the condition of your system and provide cleaning and adjustments to eliminate any potential problem areas, so it’s ready to handle the extremes. Keeping up with these appointments annually will help you increase the lifespan of your system and keep your energy bills from spiking like those unseasonably hot spring days!


Repairs & Replacements

A HVAC professional will also let you know if your HVAC system, or any of its parts, needs to be repaired or replaced. No system lasts forever, and you’re much better off figuring out if that time has come for you now than when you really need it. Luckily, Madsen’s got you covered for heating repairs, cooling repairs, and any installation service that will ensure your home is comfortably cool all spring and summer long.


Program Your Thermostat

These once-luxury items are now pretty standard in homes everywhere. Most thermostats produced over the last ten years are programmable, so not having a smart system is just not smart. When there are temperature swings afoot, this system really shines allowing you to stay ahead of day-to-day, or even same-day changes in the temperature. Instead of guessing what the day will bring, make a quick adjustment whenever and wherever you are.

It saves energy too, which saves you money in the long run. Getting ahead of a heat spike can save you from having to overwork your HVAC system. Instead of wasting energy when the temperature spikes 20 degrees in an hour, you can turn the heat down beforehand and avoid being uncomfortable for even a moment.

If you’re thinking about installing a programmable thermostat, Madsen’s got you covered.


Get a Dehumidifier

With the hottest season of the year around the corner, it’s time to prepare for those spikes that can really put your AC over the edge. While the heat is hard to beat, the humidity can make it a lot worse. A dehumidifier can go a long way in making your home more comfortable before you have to crank the AC up to full blast.


Utilize Natural Temperature Controls

There are natural ways that you can help regulate your home’s temperature! While these tricks obviously can’t do the whole job, they can stop temperature swings from taking a toll on your HVAC system – and your wallet.


Natural Heat

First of all, your house is made of heavy matter that absorbs, stores, and slowly releases heat. And for the colder days of the month, you can open up all of your south and west-facing curtains and blinds to let in natural, warming sunlight. Use the heat your home has stored and the sun’s warmth before you crank up the thermostat!


Natural Cooling

As for cooling down your home during one of March’s mini-heat waves, shady trees, and thermal window coverings will help you out. Fans and ventilation systems are also winners when it comes to giving your AC a break and stopping your energy bills from skyrocketing! Of course, if the heat does get too much for your AC to handle, we’re here for any cooling repairs you need – but taking advantage of natural cooling can help to prevent the need! You can also cool your home and reduce those energy bills by minimizing sources of heat from the inside. Incandescent light bulbs, electronics, and your stove are all culprits when it comes to your appliances, while hot showers/baths and washing your clothes can also up the humidity, so look for opportunities to cut back on any unnecessary sources of heat throughout your daily routine.


Get Through March & Beyond with Madsen!

Are you ready for spring to get sprung? Madsen’s here to make sure you are! We can set you up with the HVAC system that’s perfect for your home or optimize your current system so it’s ready for anything the season may bring.

For heating repairs, cooling repairs, and installation services, contact our HVAC experts today!