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Create a Backyard Oasis with an Outdoor Kitchen

While there’s nothing wrong with a standard charcoal grill and some quality burgers, there’s something exciting and appealing about an outdoor kitchen. A true focal point in your home that makes everything from family parties to the standard Wednesday night dinner easier, these spaces have been growing in popularity as homeowners look to up their entertainment value.

The benefits of an outdoor kitchen

Large or small, an outdoor kitchen provides several advantages aside from another place to cook a meal. These spaces are particularly helpful in the warm summer months, when cooking indoors can add unwanted heat to the home. Cooking outdoors can also help smoke and strong smells dissipate quicker. And there is no better place to play chef and host while entertaining than an outdoor kitchen where you can remain near and engaged with your guests while whipping up your best recipes. While outdoor kitchens don’t dramatically increase the value of your home, they are certainly a perk that buyers will appreciate and may help you sell more quickly.

Picking the components of an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be as dramatic and expensive or as simple and streamlined as you and your budget want. At their core, though, all outdoor kitchens include a grill, storage, and counter space. Stainless steel cabinets are usually clad in stone veneer or stacked stone, and counters can be anything from steel to butcher block to poured concrete to granite.

Many homeowners also work helpful components into their kitchens like mini fridges, working sinks, and dining space. Other options include pizza ovens, beer and wine taps, fireplaces, outdoor televisions … the sky really is the limit!

The demand for outdoor kitchens have led to many prefab kits hitting the market; you can purchase an all-in-one solution at the hardware store and built it yourself via basic instructions. But for a more intricate and detailed project, you can work with a contractor like Madsen to design a custom set-up and bring your dream space to life. Either way, consider working with a pro to determine the correct location and placement of the kitchen and each component – you may need access to gas lines, electrical, and plumbing. You’ll also need to consider ventilation for your grill and other cooking surfaces, and lighting for cooking during the evening.

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